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It would be best if you grew roots for your budding brand and then watch it bloom.

Our Brand Launch Package

"The sole purpose of BPL in the market is to make digital business less difficult for you."

Logo designing, website development, social media management, digital marketing, and more extras combined: everything that you need to get growing virtually through Blueprintlab

You can make your brand official with a ready-to-launch, custom digital brand package. You will get creative and authentic design across cohesive strategy, digital channels, and a lot less for you for thinking about as yourself as you focus more on building your brand or business.
You need more than just scheduled posts, few ads' campaigns, a pretty website and an Instagram handle when you are launching your brand. When you are making any investment for your brand, you want to be sure that you will get what your expectations were, and you will see your results.
With our main three-part brand launch package that is encompassing strategy, design, and community. You can expect more like:
An invested and engaged audience
Growing more excitement and need about your brand
Long-lasting connection and trust with your customers
Foundation for unexpected long-term growth of your brand
Increased sales

Kick start Your Journey for
Successful and Influential Branding with
Our Brand Launch Package.

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Here is what you're looking for

Engaging with your customers' interests as a successful brand is crucial because they will never forget how your product made them feel. BPL wants to pitch that. We help you understand what your customer needs and then design a website according to that.
Having a website means having your own identity, and it is the brand personality and identity that make customers return to your page. So, it should be attractive, up to date and user friendly.
What do we offer?
A brand for a business is like a status for a person. You can only earn this reputation by making sure you have a user-friendly, eye-catching website. So, what can you expect from us?
Logo Designing
Logo and brand theme portrays the overall notion of any brand. Hence, it is called brand identity. A brand is determined and recognised by its brand identity. BPL has a team of experts that are here to design or re-design this for you. You can leave it all in our hands. Our team makes sure you have a unique design experience that will make your brand stand out in the market Logo and brand theme depict the overall mind map of any brand.
Website Design and Development
Web design and its development is mostly considered as home base on the web for legitimizing your business. We will work through a fantastic and collaborative website design and development process by creating a square space website that is custom-coded and authentic to your brand. Your website will also be optimized by both on-page SEO and off-page SEO because SEO is an essential factor that can't be ignored after website development. SEO is our separate field of work
Social Media
With Blueprintlab, you can announce your launching brand and grow an authentic, trusted, and permanent community. You will receive a set of copywritten, designed, hashtags posts to get your brand started, plus a custom social media strategy that provides a clear roadmap for you and your brand's success. We will manage all your brand's social media channels; we will schedule your posts, do comprehensive research, and much more.
Digital Content and Marketing
You can keep your targeted audience engaged and interested across all channels. Content is considered the centerpiece for any digital marketing strategy. You will receive a content library that includes stock photos, blog posts, marketing emails, original photography, and graphics. The social media marketing channels include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more channels; according to your preferences and brand, these are customizable.


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Expert Launch Strategy
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10 posts a week
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Monthly reporting
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Frequently asked questions

Is this brand launch package customizable or not?

Absolutely! No branding strategy is always one-size-fits-all. We will match, mix, add, or subtract from our brand launch package's different pieces for creating your custom project.

What if I already have a brand identity?

Amazing! You are already one step ahead or higher in the game. We will refresh and create more strong existence of your existing brand, or keep it if you think you like what you have already got going on.

What can I expect for the timeline?

It is all dependent on what your custom brand package looks like, but generally, a brand launch can take anywhere up to 4 to 8+ weeks for its outcoming impact. If you have an ideal launch date in your mind, you can let us know about that! We can negotiate about it.

What if I still need help and support after my brand launch?

We will never leave you high and dry! After its launch, we will give you full support as post-launch support is included in our brand launch package. If you are looking for more creative supper or formal ongoing social media, Blueprintlab's brand launch package is a perfect match for your interests.

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